Hunting Succubi (panic post)

(The following was recorded in a distressing state of panic… Looking back this is kind of hilarious to read)

Just last night I had a very real experience that amazed even me. This wasn’t a dream, this was while half asleep. I could feel her move onto my bed and feel here, doing her thing… And it was amazingly good, I felt adored I felt like a king.

But when I tried to move my leg a little, I felt stuck and immediately knew that I was in a paralysed state… This was fine, I was in no panic and just had to go with the flow. But then she started to show herself or I could see her appear on top of me and then the room started to warp. I was going into a dream while seeing it happen, and man was it trippy, like no black out and pop back in, just me laying down having great spirit sex seeing everything happen.

She froze, completely stopped and look down at me with a distressing face… I said “What? If I’m changing into some black thing don’t worry I’m fine and so are you”.

To my right, the Codedman in all of his glory, standing with a pile of mutilated bodies behind him performing the 3 fingered salute with his right hand and holding half of a woman by the foot with his left hand.

I could smell the rotting flesh around me and the succubus on top of me held her head and twisted it around, taking her own life as she witnessed brutal horror and did not wish to facedeath at the hands of one of these things… I was left in a paralyses state, in the form of the Codedman, not being able to get out of the dream for what felt like the whole night, with a dead succubus on top of my and the Codedman asking me about my day. But wait what?

Did I really kill a succubus? This has happened before but not while being pleasured, I wasn’t even under attack or in any danger. It was just for shits and jiggles by the looks of it for the Codedmonster.

But what was weird is that I was also in the form of the Codedman, it was like another entity at my side took my form or replicating it. But looking back at it in the landscape behind him there were many more black figures, some had flags with a symbolic faceless humanoid on each of them. It was like they were hunting her, using me for bait.

There are many questions to be answered but I feel tricked and ashamed of what I have become. Even if you don’t believe in spirits or ghosts or anything supernatural, its the thought of it that still counts. To those who are in relationships with succubi or other sex spirits, don’t even think about these voided beings. Don’t even think of them, un-follow me if you value the one you care about. Because who knows why I started blogging in the first place. What if the things about the Codedman I blog were meant to infect your minds. It does so to friends and to people who I hardly knew. In the real world I’m just a man who works in an office and loves a bit of fun with his mates, but in my mind I am one of these beings. A cold void of any empathy entity. Did I create this? Was I chosen? Fuck knows!

Hell I might be over reacting but with good reason. I think I’m done with this infectious disease I can only apologise if one of these things has entered your mind already. I don’t know how to stop something that overpowers even demons without any effort, I’ll just keep my distance from spiritual beings…

And most likely stop blogging about this rubbish and try to forget about it. Again, sorry.


Why I keep such a great entity

Honestly blogging can be helpful and very useless or just pointless in my opinion. Come to think of it recording my experiences seem very lost as so do my thoughts. There are reasons to why this entity has formed in my mind but it no longer relates to, anything.

The very thought of the Codedman can trigger overly charged emotional responses, confusion or nothingness. I explained before that such a being has no real emotion of its own, however at times it can be the most convincingly human entity, even more so than a succubus encounter.

I could try forget and destroy such a cluster of information in my mind, but I feel that what I have created in my mind is far too great to simply get rid of. It has the power to challenge beings of the “spiritual” world, without fear. It has power over all that enters my mind, I have power over all that enter my void.

The dream world can be controlled by anyone, but a world that enters you, or information that uses your mind to illustrate/render itself. I think of my mind as a computer and the spiritual world as the internet, I see myself or the Codedman entity not as software, but as law in my mind.

Not law for justice but law for physics and what can or cannot be done, with this power I have opened my mind further and created empty landscapes with oceans, space and new dimensions that aren’t random, that aren’t memories, but are places and objects that you can adventure without any faze, trip or glitch. My mind in sleep can trigger this deep lucid state just by forming myself in any regular dream as the Codedman.

Obviously this isn’t possible for everyone, it took me all my life to create this beauty. What amazes me is how believable it has become to me, most times I think of it as a coincidence or just a one time thing but this is every night, and every time it looks the same. Finally I feel like I have created some sort of engine or mechanic in my mind that can process and put all these thoughts and properties into order. It feels hard to explain but this is my creation.

The reason I don’t talk much of this “dream” world of mine is that there is no real point in sharing, for me it is my world and I feel no real need to go on about it. Sorry if I sound selfish but really, to you it is what you try to imagine, and that is never what its going to be, only I can view this world.

The Codedman is and not always but for some time now has been merely a transport method, a “physical” state that makes sense in this universe of mine. If there is an after life, I could honestly live it alone as I didn’t have to find my heaven, I made it instead.

The simple fact is, and it is a dumb sounding one at first. But. Mind is God. Life is you.

This won’t be the last thing I share, however to me I feel as if this as amazing to some as it may be, is not worth sharing in my eyes. (Unless blabing on about some mystical fantasy is interesting).

I may move towards talking more about reality or closer to that in some ways, sexual spirits or just spirits in general. I have someone/thing still lurking around me yet to make any real move.

Believe it or not

I’ve had a few lazy days recently while working at home instead of the office, because of this easy job of bug fixing and responding to reports I had a lot of free time on my hands but basically not allowed to leave the house as I need to respond fast… So me and a friend from work Skype while playing battlefield 3 and checking for bugs when needed.

We as you could imagine not only got good at the game but also had a lot of conversations and one of them came down to dreams. This is where it gets interesting. He started talking about a few messed up yet hilarious dreams of him going to the cinema to go watch the new Godzilla but then hear and eventually see Godzilla outside the cinema, and such.

One of the dreams was about a figure described similar to the Codedman but with a very different almost ADHD personality. He didn’t want to talk much about it and I didn’t want to seem weird by asking too many questions but he did say that it “felt fucking real as fuck” and that he was stuck in an endless dark landscape, with a few other people and him, running from what he described as “the most fucked up n***er”, even though he didn’t say much and I acted more interested in ” working” than his story, it was clear to me that it was hard for him to speak about it.

I asked him to draw a picture of what it looks like and to send it to me through Skype. Then when I sore his drawing, I was asking him what that number was, acting as if I didn’t know. He said that “it’s some sort of code fing that was scratched into my hand”.

We then carried on playing for a few hours then when I the contracted time was up I logged off my laptop, watched some TV and thought hard about how he managed to dream that up.

Then again this isn’t the first time someone I know, or in a previous case knew for just one night has had an experience with the Codedman.


What did I do???

Last night I had a collection of dreams and one of them was obviously not created by me…

I’ll describe the scene. Imagine a dark void of limitless space but inside a box or room… If any of you play games you will know that in each game engine a sky box is always around you yet in the game engine it is endless space. And in this space was a lot of random weird shit happening in front of me. It was some girl the one that I think keeps on appearing here and there that was going crazy…

She had no fear in showing me her private areas with em.. Maggots in places that shouldn’t be, her eyes black, skin green and she was really trying to freak me out…

Yeah, doesn’t work on the Codedman, I didn’t even turn into him when this was happening. However the next part was weird. The scene switched to a white room with some blood, green mould and other crap and it was just me and her. But she was against the wall, looking around as if I wasn’t there, I got close up to her face and said word for word “it’s OK now I forgive you, but by the looks of it, my mouth is emerging and the hounds are fleeing as the prey becomes predator and the predator becomes luscious prey!” I then made some weird cyber/robotic growls in a comedic piss taking kind of way… Then I looked at myself as I realised that I didn’t choose to say that. I was the Codedman again and this time I over came another being without even calling for help.

The Codedman used to only be activated by either the code, me yelling in my sleep or randomly in situations when he is a drone/husk without my control. Truly powerful.

Oh and the other dreams were like basically me fighting some shampoo bottle man, I really don’t fucking know why but I lost my shit when I remembered it!


It’s been a while, I will just say that I went to see someone about some of my life issues without telling them about the Codedman within me, but the only problem that seems to cause such a violent entity like the Codedman all comes down to my inner anger. Like I have said before I can become the most disgusting anti social Nazi at times.

No pills, no meditation crap can solve this issue and I was even thinking of joining the army purely to kill legally and all because I’m so vicious. Honestly I’m not sure how I got here and how succubi seems to visit me every now and then.

Anyway, what can I do to solve such anger? Start fights with random cunts on the street? Nah, I did something better, I found a group of similar nut bags like me and go to an old warehouse every Saturday and Wednesday to fight fair and to get all that hatred and inner anger out with blood and pain.

Its funny really because of ‘Fight Club’ and how we name it after that along with keeping it secret. Now not only does this help me get that anger out, but it also got me a few friends that literally no one can fuck about with when we go out to pubs, sometimes clubs. I have to say I feel twice as strong and twice as free. Its that power that honestly makes me tick, I love feeling better than peasants and now I can only embrace how ‘Charley Bronson’ (film) I/we have become.

Well that’s real life. So what about the Codedman, well you’re reading his post right now, as the Codedman in my dreams I always felt so free and powerful, honestly in real life before I started this fight club thing, I always felt hatred because I felt like society was holding me back, pinning me down from doing what I want. “You can’t do want you want”, says the peasant. “You what mate?” Says I.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t go around beating people up, robbing or mugging anyone. I don’t do any of that, because I use the little intelligence I have to always remind myself who is in power and why going to jail doesn’t make life easier, not saying in an apocalyptic anarchy I would but…

Will you see much of me anymore? Probably, you all have seen me before, dreaming can be done in different ways.

And with that my friends, I’ll be off, but always watching, waiting for when things get interesting again.

Why did I even start…

Honestly the Codedman is probably the first of its kind. I wanted to reach out to find someone who has the same if not very similar situation as me.

As you the followers well know the Codedman is a state or personality fitted with a distinctive look that can completely control my dreams, or it was just me. Now I have mentioned the state code before and I have also done so to some friends and well this is what happened.

Friday night, last night I was at a party with a lot of unfamiliar faces and I wasn’t planning on getting to drunk, in fact I was really in the mood for babysitting or chilling out with people who were passing out, I really didn’t feel too social. Anyway…. Oh by the way this isn’t a dream… Anyway, this guy who I met like once before at a party hosted by the same person was completely out of it, and he knew it as well as anyone, so he came over into the “pass out room” where I was and we started talking because I was bored and I might as well add someone else to the friend list. We went on for ages about random people we both knew and then he was going off topic and going on about his girlfriend and what not, I started to snap in and out, not caring to much because by this time he was starting to doze off to sleep, or a technical term for it, passing out with a thud.

Now for some reason, and why I didn’t mention this earlier to you as you read this post, I had at least 1hit of MDMA that for a guy like me only chills me out and at this point (2:30am ish) I was shattered yet still pumped so I got up and started walking around outside thinking to myself…

Suddenly I remembered what I was actually talking about to this guy who was now far away from this earth, he wasn’t talking about a real woman, I could tell because he always looked around before slagging her off and when I said what does she look like, he said “erm, can’t really say, she can look like anyone really”, I remember asking for at least a Facebook and he said ” she can’t use Facebook “, in that kind of duhh its obvious way.

What threw me in a panic is that for some reason I said to him while with the word processing speed of a super computer all about the Codedman, but instead of actually saying it was in my dreams I told him it was a real entity or myth. Before you know it in that split second of realisation I heard some people shouting ” CALM DOWN, FUCKING CALM DOWN”. I ran back into the dense crowd of party people and on the floor looking out of the window was the same guy I was talking to for 2hours had woken up in complete terror pale as the walls around him, talking to himself “never speak the numbers again” he repeated for at least 5mins till he calmed down and forgot about it.

But what happened when I went to sleep? Only a detailed repeat of the victims mental torture.

I feel as if I may have to stop all of this broadcasting on the internet as it managed to do bad things to this guy who turns out to be a deep dreamer like me, or you. I feel disgusted.

Out with the old and in with the new!

A new special someone is in my life for what seems like a possible longterm relationship and her name is…

I don’t know yet but she ain’t faceless and pitch black. OK so I’m emotionally numb with no real feeling inside but for the first time in a while I felt a very faint feeling in this dream where a girl was taking me around town and enjoying my company, even though there were parts where she was over at a table talking to someone while I was on a table with a few other people who I know in real life. She seemed really ugh… I don’t know how to say. It was positive and I feel more pressure on my forehead, or just all around. I can here her speak sometimes and from the knowledge I got from her she said she was a murderer or evil I don’t know. Ok so while I was half asleep and waking up slowly from the dream I could hear someone else saying these exact words, “She is evil, but she loves you”.

Now that is something I should be worried about right? Nope, I feel better knowing I got an evil spirit somehow because if I harm anymore peaceful spirits I’ll be notorious in the “spirit world” as an enemy for sure. What I am saying is that if anything happened even though she is duly aware of what I can do in my own mind, I won’t feel guilt, or well I might.

I know she seems to feel terrified once she see the Codedman, I saw him appear and images of frozen eyes and shouts for help flooded my mind, I could feel it was her.

Maybe she thinks with me she will find a match that won’t fear her? Well let’s see how it goes, my knowledge of her and the situation is a bit light so I’ll keep you guys posted.

Any Questions or Queries?

The Dream World Wants Me

While it being very low in terms of activity, I can tell you now, that a few people have been calling me in my dreams by the code (011001) and constantly asking for forgiveness and begging for mercy.

Now this isn’t just a one dream thing, its more like I always seem to find myself as well as in my lobby of waiting, I find myself phase into a world that seems much smaller in size than ours or feels that way. The people seem human but are all so primitive, it feels like I travel back in time to ancient Greece, but more tragic and less advanced.

I always see myself in either a large room, bedroom, outdoors garden or in a temple like structure. There is always one person who is standing with their hand raised up with the pinkie or little finger half bent down and the thumb is crooked pointing up.

They call me a “Daranem Mass Darnem”(how it sounds like it would be spelled), this isn’t even a real word or thing as I’ve checked on the internet to see if I picked up some crazy ass word. But they call me this and they are in what looks like the position of a ritual, I see this drawing of black circle all coloured in with black chalk, a red cloth or cape across it. What is worse is the person performing the ritual each time cannot handle my presents as if they see into the darkness of my dense skin and see complete nothingness. They look into my face and see nothing, they immediately become absorbed into it. Each and every time I get summoned to this place, its as if they’re trying to prove that they’re somewhat worthy or strong enough to withstand total 0.

But they never are able to stop staring into me. It the the moment that when I chose to go, they become out of control as if all humanity that they had never existed and they become like animals, completely lost and broken by me.

This is really interesting as a dream series that I’ve been having and for those who are none believers in spiritual things then to you this is just one awesome dream, but to those who are spiritual and I know I have a few followers who are, what do you think is going on?

*NOTE* You can answer random questions now with my new Questions page!

Quick question to Succubus lovers

This isn’t a real post but I wanted to ask a question in the hope of reasonable replies.

I’ve been visioning some female figures like facial features and hearing things in my mind or thinking them up like someone is saying hey or asking me to talk to them.

Now I know that for someone like me who has the Codedman thing going on, surely this is a “spirit” calling for me. But honestly, in all respect I really don’t believe that it could be a succubus or female entity that wants to be or talk with me. I know there is a denial phase but I wondered if you guys also had that feeling that you are creating the sentences for them. It feels like I’m actually having to finish the sentences as soon as I realise.

I’m not sure if this is anything but even though I got an idea of how it starts, I feel like I’m tricking myself into this. I just don’t know what to believe…


The Lobby of my dreams


Not much in the way of anything that interesting has happened since my last post, nothing that I feel is worth sharing at least. However looking back about a week ago I can see that something amazing has been happening, something that I still am not sure of. In all respect I am as sceptical as you will be just reading this.

The dreams:
I’ll start of with the kind of dreams I have been recently having within the past 13 nights. Right, so between each dream per night I always find myself in a really lonely place, this dark landscape with a black sun and a horizon in the distance that has a smokey white light that bends and twists rapidly and I am always the Codedman in this place, just standing, thinking and sometimes walking around.

This place is strange because I feel all my limbs and I feel real, nothing is trippy like in a normal dream, I can look around freely as if I was looking around in the real world. So this is very lucid and relaxing, sometimes I hear music that I listen to throughout the day.

But when I find a dream or a place to go, I always look up to the black sun and then without remembering a thing, I find myself wondering a new environment that feels so alien to me. It is really just, ugh. I just feel trapped and unlike most my dreams where I can do what I want and just drift.

In all of these dreams I find myself in per night I am never the centre of attention, it is always someone else and see someone with them, usually female. I hardly ever get noticed because I can’t speak as a voided creature thing with no face, lol I can communicate but only through thoughts but I forget and try to speak with no mouth.

The person who seems to be controlling what happens is always trying to fight away these horrid little creatures that change form constantly. They always shout out either “Creature of nothingness” or the ‘state code’ (from a previous post) I then, by default, attack these little things, killing and scaring them off. The person who was being attacked is always great full and so his the woman drifting around him. And I just disappear back to the “Lobby” to wait for a new dream to call for help.

The theory and facts behind this:

Well now as you can imagine this is what could possibly be a dream invasion or summoning. I like to think of it in this way purely because how fucking cool would that be. However…

…this is extremely unlikely and I would need some hardcore proof that it is a summoning. I mean being called into another persons nightmare to save them is by no means a curse in my view, even just having these dreams constantly is entertaining, I actually love going to bed early because I know I will always have a dream like this and become a hero. Damn.

So yeah I’m not sure what has triggered this but for the people who are really into this kind of madness with dreams, please tell me what you think. Am I just lucky enough to have constant lucid dreams that simulate me saving people from nightmares or could this be something much more? I’m pretty amazed but like I said, I am very sceptical about this idea and this is just a thought that I hope in a way is real.

Shoot me with your comments!